Surprise Minnie Mouse Cake!

minnie mouse suprise package cake


Sweet Lexi got a 2 layer strawberry cake for her birthday plus a ton of marshmallows and some sugar cookies popping out of the top. The characters were made using royal icing piped onto parchment paper over computer printed pictures. They did not transfer off well at all. I think I did not let them set for long enough but I had run myself out of time. The cookies were baked with skewers inside of them to stab into the cake; it was good in theory except they didn’t stay placed inside the sugar cookies.

First I stacked my 2 layers with frosting in between then covered my box with butter cream. Then I rolled a nice big piece of pink fondant out and placed it on the top. I don’t like making square cakes because I have issues getting my sides to come in enough and not have “flap.” Flap was great here though because I pulled it all to the ends and folded up my wrapping paper. Then I cut an X in the top and peeled back parts of the pink paper and started adding small triangles of various colors. Finally I filled my box with packing peanut marshmallows and stabbed in my Minnie Mouse. Surprise!!!

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Sweet Monkey

monkey tiedie marble cake

This monkey turned out so sweet for this little girl Kennedi. The round cake was for the adults and the monkey cake was intended as a smasher for the 1 year old. The actual cake is a marble using white cake and strawberry cake. To make the ears I took a large round cookie cutter and cut sideways across the ear to expose the interior cake. Then I frosted all of the brown brown monkey. The only fondant on her cake is the monkey’s earrings and the colorful flower. I felt like those would not interfere with smash-ability so it would be fine. The adult cake is wrapped in a tie dye marble of all the little pieces I had left over from various week’s projects. The letters were made using the marbled fondant and were pressed into chocolate forms. I definitely prefer things that cut rather than things that mould when using fondant.

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Transformers Bumble Bee Cake

transformers cake


This was SUCH a hard cake. It was really detailed and something I was not familiar with! I watched and watch videos as much as I possibly could. I ended up with one short clip where Bumble Bee flips and transforms down the freeway. I watched and watched and watched the same 30 seconds for 36 or so hours planning and creating this cake. I ended up marbling white and black fondant minimally to make the metallic wires and intricate internal parts of the car in transition.

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A Chaplain Celebration



Chaplain Corp Anniversary

This was the request:  95px-USArmyChapCorRegInsignia


Typically our military base gets a lot of printed edible pictures pasted onto flat cakes with colorful edging for their celebrations.

The dove is white modeling chocolate, as are the pages of the bible. Gold shimmer dust made the golden colors sparkle just perfectly.

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Bunny Hop!



I was planning to put a bow tie on this cake but it was for a girl so we changed our plan. This was made from one large round cake and a slightly smaller round cake. The mommy and I carved the ears off the sides of the smaller cake as you would for a bunny with a bow tie. Then we took the scraps from the center of the cutting to make her hair bow.

I felt like the ears were too bold when they were going to be purple. The ears I ended up coloring by minimally blending the purple with the left over pink. The whiskers are a great blend because they are fully blended pink and dark purple instead of leaving them marbled as we did the ears. She said he daughter loved pink and purple – she LOVED the cake!

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