Antique Book for Two Book Buddies


This cake was so much fun. The cake (the open book) is a white cake. The cover is thin black fondant and the top pages are a creamy off white fondant – on top of off white butter cream. I decided to handwrite the message my client requested because it seemed the most “antique” of an option. At the last minute I did realize however that I didn’t have a black food writer.

The bookmark was pretty fun as it was a few pieces of left over fondant. A few blues rolled around together and then rolled out making a pretty marble colored bookmark. I dusted here and there with gold shimmer dust but the project was too sticky so I had some trouble with that as well.

The lower book is made of fudge. I have never made fudge before this project. I can’t say before this book because I failed at fudge before this book was complete. I used my modeling tools to carve out the indention for the pages and filled that area with white frosting. I carved a line down the front of the book for the binding area. Then I inscribed the spine of the book with the recipients’ name as the title and the first 3 letters of the friend’s name as the author at the bottom.



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Military spouse living life with our family in Vicenza Italy.
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