Dramatic Treat for a Dramatic Sweet (16)!

topsy turvey drama cake

What a learning experience for so much first time technique!

This cake is called a topsy turvy cake. It’s designed to look like, well, it’s going to fall over or maybe it did. The notes that broke off and fell onto the plate were just the final straw!

Here you can see the variations across the colors of my layers. My middle layer is actually covered in a marble of the top and bottom left over fondant! Nice way to blend colors for a design! I really liked the skirting on the top tier and how dramatic of an accent it was.

The piano took a lot of patience. I rolled and slit the nick marks making the keys then pressed in the embossing so they’d stay together. Then I hand cut and formed all the black keys. I even did some math research to figure out the approximate sizes of the keys. If I’d written it down, I’d leave it for you but I didn’t document much at the time!

So what happened here? Really I was having trouble with my wrap swag. What I did was took snakes of each color, laid them side by side then rolling pinned them together. I’ve now read that it’s much more sturdy to make a sheet of one color and paste on your stripes from the other color. I thought it ended up going very well with the topsy turvy design though and ended up working more on it to make it “just right.”

Hand detailed drama masks accented in gold shimmer powder. So completely DRAMA! You might notice a putty looking mess right below the angry (sad) guys face. It is harder to make the fondant tuck properly on a topsy turvy cake because of the indent. Take your time and sculpt slowly and carefully. Putty is not a good look!


About loramichelle

Military spouse living life with our family in Vicenza Italy.
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