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I was asked to make a patriotic cake for handing out on our post. We looked through several ideas and this cake was just fabulous. http://caketrimmings.com/fourth-of-july-cakes.html had a simple guide to how to get this stylish look. I used different sized pans and wasn’t able to use their double swag but this was just awesome.

What you are looking at is 2 tiers of two layer chocolate cake with a yummy butter cream frosting. Each layer I covered in Royal Blue tinted Marshmallow fondant. Then I cut starts from white fondant using a regular cookie cutter. The swag I followed caketrimming’s instructions and it worked out great. A previous drape I tried to attach failed. This diy said to roll out your white, lay on the stripes of red, then roll it a bit to mash it together. My previous attempt I tried to roll them side by side to get them to meld. This worked MUCH better!

I think my colors turned out fabulous. I walked all over my house carrying my fondants checking the different lightings to see if my colors were true. I’d hate to have a pink striped flag!


So that’s my cake! Any questions??


About loramichelle

Military spouse living life with our family in Vicenza Italy.
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