A Big Top Birthday!

Oh what a great experience! This cake was so much fun. For starters it’s a chocolate cake using the 3D modeling cake recipe and butter cream frosting. It’s 2 layers of cake then I had to start carving and getting creative on the big top’s top. I was constantly looking at internet photos of circus tents! Eventually I got the flag poles (skewers) in place and was able to smash some remaining cake in there to get a good shape.

Because I did so much carving and smashing, this puppy was ready to crumble with every swipe of the butter cream. I eventually got a nice layer of crumb coat butter cream on and took a nice long break!!! The second coat went on okay but with so many crumbs, my butter cream was actually pulling up so this was a test of patience. Finally it was covered.

The fondant for this took a lot of time too! I cut each panel for the sides first. I had a wonky gap and knew I needed a door – so I did that on the fly when I was about done. To make my patterns, I just took parchment paper and held it up and made come cuts to figure approximate size.

The roof was better dreamed and imagined than the sides were pre-planned but they were pretty complex. What I ended up doing was starting with the parchment paper patterns I had cut, then as I placed them, occasionally I had to go back and snip some of them narrower and at angles to fit with everything else. It was still fun and bright but imperfect.

The next test came with the green center of the top of the tent. I just dove in and tried to fit and snip and press my fondant into the spaces to make a nice look. Topped off some of the mess with cute little pink circles like most circus tents have – then placed flags on the flag pole!


About loramichelle

Military spouse living life with our family in Vicenza Italy.
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One Response to A Big Top Birthday!

  1. mydearbakes says:

    Your cake decorating works are so amazing! =)

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