Back to School – Bake Off!


Hi All! I’m trying really hard to post my current cakes so I can remember them as detailed as possible as well we going back and blogging what I created PB (pre blog).

This week was a bake off on our post. I found out about it late with a few days notice and I’m usually pretty busy with life, children and other baking projects. Someone mentioned she’d make a cake – but it would be ugly. I volunteered to decorate her cake – and here it is. This is a chocolate box cake with a carved off hunk from another cake pan placed on top for the pocket. We decided on the project before the cake arrived so I actually pre-made my school supplies – which I never do!

So we made some pretty pink marshmallow fondant and smooth covered the entire backpack. I love purple so I mixed some blue into my leftover pink to get purple but it started making thisĀ gorgeousĀ marble. SOOO we used the marble for the straps! Then I finished the blend and used the solid puple for our zipper work.


This little gadget came in so handy! I used the solid wheel for the stripe down the center of the straps and the bumpy wheel for the sewing on the straps. THEN I used the zig zag for the zipper! I knew I wanted the zipper open but it wasn’t until it was pulling apart that I really fell in love with the super open zipper pattern. So I used my sharp tool and cut my opening for the pocket, accented the sides with zipper, snipped off my school supplies and stuffed them into my frosting.




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Military spouse living life with our family in Vicenza Italy.
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