Captain America Celebrates


This was a very taxing cake. I couldn’t get my heart or head into it and it haunted me as the deadline loomed. This cake is chocolate half scratch with 2 layers at the bottom, 3 layers in the middle and 2 small mixing bowl cupcakes for the head.

I try to keep my homemade fondant supply as low as possible. For this cake I made my white fondant for the bottom but had some leftover mmf I was able to use for everything else and clear out my stock. Helps that a few weeks ago I did another patriotic cake for the same friend on 9/11.

So the base is covered in white mmf then I rolled red and cut it with my ribbon roller and made a nice pizza hut peppermint candy looking round. I poked 3 bubble straws into the cake to support the layers and snipped them off and began layer 2.

Layer 2 has this serious blue on it but I had a lot of trouble with this blob. The blue was just too thin and stretchy and made lots of holes. Honestly the design I was modeling had the belt between these layers but I intended to put the belt on the bottom layer – I had so many issues though with the bottom of the blue layer that I had to put the belt on to cover it up! When it was bearable, I put 3 more bubble straws into layer 2 to support the head.

The head was a serious task. The stretchy blue was throwing fits for me. Then I drew a design for what I was doing for the face “to scale” only my scale was WAY too big! The blue from the mmf with an attitude also started getting on everything. This is my 23rd cake I’ve ever made, the 18th since starting this as a hobby this summer – and this MMF is the 2nd worst ball of mmf (marshmallow fondant) I’ve created. The worst was a ball infested with crunchy sugar that had to be thrown out because microwaving and water and all sorts of treatments… it never got better. *sigh*

Finally when all the pieces were together I took a skewer and stabbed down through the head into the 2nd layer to help avoid a tip hazard. Then I was able to put on the star, the belt accents, do some detail work with knobby little tools, shapped up the nose, made the wings dance and … finally I started to not hate this cake. When it finally walked out – I was happy with it.


About loramichelle

Military spouse living life with our family in Vicenza Italy.
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