Sweet Monkey

monkey tiedie marble cake

This monkey turned out so sweet for this little girl Kennedi. The round cake was for the adults and the monkey cake was intended as a smasher for the 1 year old. The actual cake is a marble using white cake and strawberry cake. To make the ears I took a large round cookie cutter and cut sideways across the ear to expose the interior cake. Then I frosted all of the brown brown monkey. The only fondant on her cake is the monkey’s earrings and the colorful flower. I felt like those would not interfere with smash-ability so it would be fine. The adult cake is wrapped in a tie dye marble of all the little pieces I had left over from various week’s projects. The letters were made using the marbled fondant and were pressed into chocolate forms. I definitely prefer things that cut rather than things that mould when using fondant.


About loramichelle

Military spouse living life with our family in Vicenza Italy.
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2 Responses to Sweet Monkey

  1. It is really cute. What is the smash cake? Do they really smash it? As u heard that this is the trend.

  2. Btw, is the marble side of the round cake fondant? It is beautiful.

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