Surprise Minnie Mouse Cake!

minnie mouse suprise package cake


Sweet Lexi got a 2 layer strawberry cake for her birthday plus a ton of marshmallows and some sugar cookies popping out of the top. The characters were made using royal icing piped onto parchment paper over computer printed pictures. They did not transfer off well at all. I think I did not let them set for long enough but I had run myself out of time. The cookies were baked with skewers inside of them to stab into the cake; it was good in theory except they didn’t stay placed inside the sugar cookies.

First I stacked my 2 layers with frosting in between then covered my box with butter cream. Then I rolled a nice big piece of pink fondant out and placed it on the top. I don’t like making square cakes because I have issues getting my sides to come in enough and not have “flap.” Flap was great here though because I pulled it all to the ends and folded up my wrapping paper. Then I cut an X in the top and peeled back parts of the pink paper and started adding small triangles of various colors. Finally I filled my box with packing peanut marshmallows and stabbed in my Minnie Mouse. Surprise!!!


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Military spouse living life with our family in Vicenza Italy.
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