XBox for the husbands!


This XBox Anniversary gift was pretty simple as far as the shaping was concerned. I asked the wife for photos of their specific system so I could make it match as well as possible. The detailing was a bit more complicated but my neighbor brought their set over – so I was able to compare and make the details more accurate yet it’s half scale. When it came to the plugs side of the game box, I opted to cover it in color and keep it a bit more simple.

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Noah’s Arc and Balloon Cupcakes

This request came from Pinterest. I don’t generally do cupcakes but this mommy had a dream. The pin was cupcakes from the movie up, only she didn’t want the carry away from the movie. So cupcake balloons, covered in butter cream in … Continue reading

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Turtle Smash Cake


People started asking me for smash cakes. I’d done 4 successful fondant cakes at this point and had no idea what a smash cake was. Turns out a smash cake is a small (or large) soft cake covered with frosting and no fondant. Smash cakes are for little feller birthdays so they can destroy them and look super cute.

This cake came from my brain through the packaging the mom ordered for her party. In the upper left corner you can see the napkin with the 1 and the turtle. He had a shirt with the logo as well. This was my attempt to match the party theme with a smashable 3D turtle. The turtle is just a large cupcake baked in a small metal mixing bowl – then flipped upside down.

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A Rainbow Fish Play Date


Have you heard the story of Rainbow Fish? He was a beautiful colorful fish whose scales sparkled. This cake was for a rainbow fish play date with lots of small children. 20 cupcakes were made from several bowls of several colors of cake batter, just colored with regular food coloring. The rest of mister fish is actually just 1 round cake cut to provide the head, tail and 2 fins. I didn’t use any frosting on this cake to limit sugar intake AND messy hands. In the end the fish was able to give all his pretty scales away and his friends were super happy with their snacks!

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Death Star

death star cake

Death Star! I didn’t even know what it was when I answered the request to make this cake for a wife who had to be away from her husband on his birthday. This was a first, on so many levels.
The cake form was baked in a metal mixing bowl, well 1/3 of it was and then the opposite 1/3. The space between needed some oomph so we put 3 layers of cake in there too. All  vanilla cake but really this was straight box cake. White butter cream helped to shape the cake and make it formed and round. This was my FIRST and LAST time using purchased fondant. After learning to make marshmallow fondant myself, I’ll never use the boxed kind again. The taste – meh – but it’s so much harder to work with too. I rolled out the darker grey fondant and shaped the cake from the top center down.  I had to do some finagling to pull the fondant back to cut down into the cake to make the nifty indent for the laser that I hadn’t planned for.

Here’s a nerdy part – I used parchment paper and scissors to decide about the right size and shape for each ring of shapes. Then I rolled out the light grey. The indent was smoothed in slowly, a little at a time, using a kid’s toy ball. Then I made the rings with various sizes of drinking glasses, pressing them in just firmly enough.

My Death Star Cake was coming together but looking at pictures online I felt like I needed some techy texture  I took the cap to a regular pen, you know a “crystal bic pen with a streamlined cap” just something I saw laying around (but then I cleaned several times before touching the cake with). I just used the small end of the cap and pressed it into the various corners of my shapes. I was almost happy, if I’d had little round cupcake sprinkles – I would have put little lights in the circles but at 4 am I didn’t have any and wasn’t going to find any. So I took my gel food coloring, mixed it with a bit of vanilla and painted a fraction of the circles black. In the end, the husband loved it. I knew it had flaws but it was a death star cake – and that was enough for me. 😀

Fondant is as easy as play dough. Take pieces and make what you dream. If it doesn’t work for you the way you want it to – start over. Homemade marshmallow fondant is fantastic and much less expensive than buying it. The darker colors can be very intimidating but with gel color and AmeriColor super colors you can get there. Fondant tools too – don’t have to be that complicated either! Pay attention to food safety and cleanliness but cookie cutters, pizza cutters, and every day household stuff can make some really awesome details for your cakes.

If I had this cake to make over again – it would be so different! The cake substance would be a recipe better suited to being shaped and a bit less squishy, the fondant would be homemade, the buttercream would be smoother applied – OH and I would use little round cupcake sprinkles to make more of a light affect.

What cool cake designs have you made or have you wanted made?

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